Deadpool 2 (in Dolby ATMOS) Lady Bird Black Panther (in ATMOS) Ready Player One (in Dolby ATMOS) Hellraiser I Feel Pretty A Quiet Place Avengers: Infinity War (in Dolby ATMOS) Zwei Herren im Anzug Peter Rabbit Die Nacht der Naechte

Friday 20.04.18 in the CINEMA:

Box office open at 15:00

  15:30 A Quiet Place (English)
  17:30 Lady Bird (English)
  19:45 Black Panther (in ATMOS) (English) 2D
  22:45 Sneak-Preview (English)

Saturday 21.04.18 in the CINEMA:

  11:30 Nice Morning Price (only 6,50 €)
A Quiet Place (English)
  13:45 Nice Morning Price (nur 10,50 €)
Ready Player One (in Dolby ATMOS) (English) 3D
  16:35 Black Panther (in ATMOS) (English) 3D
  19:30 Lady Bird (English)
  22:00 A Quiet Place (English)