Jurassic World San Andreas Mad Max: Fury Road Blade Runner - Final Cut The Big Lebowski Zu Ende ist alles erst am Schluss Tomorrowland (A World Beyond) Child 44 Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Spy Chef (Kiss the Cook) Woman in Gold Poltergeist

Friday 29.05.15 in the CINEMA:

Box office open at 15:00

  15:30 Poltergeist (English) 3D
  17:35 Chef (Kiss the Cook) (English)
  20:10 Mad Max: Fury Road (English) 3D
  23:15 Sneak-Preview (English)

Saturday 30.05.15 in the CINEMA:

  14:00 San Andreas (English) 3D
  19:45 Mad Max: Fury Road (English) 2D
  22:25 Mad Max: Fury Road (English) 3D