Viceroy's House (Der Stern von Indien)
USA, 2017 | Length: 106min | FSK: 6 | Director: Gurinder Chadha Cast: Gillian Anderson, Hugh Bonneville, Michael Gambon

With sumptuous period detail, director Gurinder Chadha ("Bend It Like Beckham") brings to life a pivotal historical moment that recounts the final days of Britain's domain over a divided India. Set in 1947, this both haunting and moving historical drama sees Lord Mountbatten (Bonneville; TV's "Downton Abbey") dispatched, along with his wife Edwina (Anderson; TV's "The X-Files"), to New Delhi to oversee the country's transition from British rule to independence. Mountbatten arrives hopeful for a peaceful transference of power, but ending centuries of colonial rule in a country divided by deep religious and cultural differences proves no easy undertaking, setting off a seismic struggle that threatens to tear India apart. A moving tale about the tragic partition of India, this immaculate production glistens with authenticity and forges a cohesive and satisfying epic.

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