Kids Club – top family movies at a reasonable price

These specially marked screenings take place on weekends and during school holidays. Tickets for adults are available at a reduced admission price of only 6,50 €, and the admission for kids/youngsters under 16 years of age is even only 5,50 € (not including possible surcharges).

Please be advised that, both due to the surround sound levels in the auditorium and as a courtesy to other guests, children under 2 years of age will not be admitted to the theater.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (in ATMOS) (Grindelwalds Verbrechen) 3D
2018 | Length: 135min | Director: David Yates Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Johnny Depp

From the immensely successful writing and directing team Rowling and Yates comes the second film of the "Harry Potter" spin-off set decades before Harry Potter was born in 1920s Paris. The powerful Dark wizard Grindelwald (Depp; "Pirates of the Caribbean") has made a dramatic escape and has set about gathering followers to his cause: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings. The only one who might be able to stop him is the wizard he once called his dearest friend, Albus Dumbledore (Law; "Sherlock Holmes"). But Dumbledore will need help from the wizard who thwarted Grindelwald once before, his former student Newt Scamander (Redmayne; "The Theory of Everything"). Thoroughly fun, innovative, and genuinely crowd-pleasing, this is a dazzling sequel that expands further into the mystical, magical world of J.K. Rowling.

  Sat 17.11.18 13:00 (English) 3D Kids Club (Kids 9,50 € / Adults 10,50 €)
Johnny English Strikes Again (Johnny English 3)
USA, 2018 | Length: 89min | FSK: 6 | Director: David Kerr Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Olga Kurylenko, Jake Lacy

This fun, family-friendly spy spoof is the third installment of the "Johnny English" comedy series, with Rowan Atkinson ("Mr. Bean") returning as the much loved, bumbling and fumbling accidental secret agent. The new adventure begins when a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all active undercover agents in Britain, leaving Johnny English as the Secret Service's and the country's last hope. Called out of retirement, English dives head first into action with the mission to find the mastermind hacker. As a man with few skills and analogue methods, Johnny English must overcome the challenges of modern technology to make this mission a success. A through and through British comedy with clever ideas, brilliant execution, and marvelous touches of authenticity and humor.

  Sat 27.10.18 13:50 (English) Kids Club (Kids 5,50 € / Adults 6,50 €)
The Incredibles 2 (in Dolby ATMOS) (Die Unglaublichen 2) 2D
USA, 2018 | Length: 117min | FSK: 6 | Director: Brad Bird Cast: Voices: Bob Parr, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener

Everyone's favorite family of superheroes is back in this highly anticipated sequel to the immensely popular 2004 original. The plot finds supermom Helen in the spotlight trying to regain the public's trust of superheroes, leaving superdad Bob at home with the kids to navigate the day-to-day heroics of normal life. It's a tough transition for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack's emerging superpowers. When a new villain named Screenslaver hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and their old friend Frozone must find a way to work together again - which is easier said than done. Writer/director Brad Bird (»The Incredibles«, »Ratatouille«) reunites Pixar's family crimefighting team for a long-awaited follow-up full of dazzling animation, thrilling action sequences, and non-stop laughs.

  Sun 28.10.18 12:10 (English) 2D Kids Club (Kids 5,50 € / Adults 6,50 €)