USA, 2010 | Length: 148min | FSK: 12 | Director: Christopher Nolan Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard

In 2010, visionary mastermind Christopher Nolan (»The Dark Knight«, »Interstellar«, »Dunkirk«), one of the most alluring and enigmatic film makers of contemporary cinema, crafted this psychological sci-fi action film about a professional thief who possesses the power to steal information by entering into the dreams of others. In the world of corporate espionage, Dom Cobb (DiCaprio; »Titanic«) is thereby the ultimate weapon. But even weapons have their weakness, and when Cobb loses everything, he's forced to embark on one final mission in a desperate quest for redemption. This time, Cobb won't be harvesting an idea, but sowing one. Smart, innovative, and thrilling, this wildly ingenious chess game is a conceptual tour de force that is awesomely original, hugely intelligent and, above all, enormously enjoyable. A hugely successful knockout of a film that was awarded with four Academy Awards!

  Tue 16.04.19 19:00 (English) Cinema Movie Club