Apocalypse Now - Final Cut (in Dolby ATMOS) (Apocalypse Now - Final Cut)
USA, 2019 | Length: 182min | FSK: 16

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of its original release, Francis Ford Coppola now brings a new, final version of "Apocalypse Now" to cinemas around the world only for a one-day event. Restored from the original negative for the first time ever, this cut is the legendary director's most realized version of the film, which was nominated for eight Academy Awards, won three Golden Globes, and is widely recognized as one of the best films ever made. Coppola's visually dazzling masterpiece is a surreal, hallucinatory, epic tragedy about the horror of the Vietnam War, focusing on an army officer (Sheen) who is sent on a bizarre river journey deep into the jungle to assassinate a renegade colonel (Brando) who uses primitive tribesmen to wage his own war. The just-right "Final Cut" splits the difference between the creative concessions of the original and the unwieldy sprawl of the Redux version, a massive feat of film craft reined in to the general neighborhood of perfection. With present-day tech advances such as Dolby Atmos and state-of-the-art imagery making the film even more viscerally affecting than before, this must-see masterpiece is an overwhelming sensory experience, with deep colors and nuanced sound amplifying the film's hypnotic effect.

  Mon 15.07.19 19:00 (English) Cinema Movie Club