Silver CINEMA – the movie afternoon for everyone!


Every other Wednesday, we present a specially selected film highlight in its German language version. Meet and chat and enjoy the film together in a relaxed atmosphere – the reduced admission of 6.90 € includes a glass of prosecco or a cup of coffee/tea.


This popular movie afternoon takes place under the patronage of the senior citizen committee of the City of Munich and in cooperation with the AWO.


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USA, 2019 | Length: 114min | Director: Ron Howard Cast: Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Griminelli, Bono

Fesselnder Musik-Dokumentarfilm des renommierten Oscar-Gewinners Ron Howard (»A Beautiful Mind«, »Apollo 13«, »DaVinci Code«) über das Leben und die Karriere des legendären italienischen Opernsänger Luciano Pavarotti, der wie kein Zweiter dem ganz normalen Volk die Magie der Oper nahegebracht hat.

From the filmmaking team behind the highly-acclaimed 2016 documentary »The Beatles: Eight Days A Week«, this marvelous documentary is a riveting film that lifts the curtain on the icon who brought opera to the people. Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard (»A Beautiful Mind«, »Apollo 13«, »The Da Vinci Code«) puts audiences front row center for an exploration of The Voice...The Man...The Legend. Luciano Pavarotti gave his life to the music and a voice to the world. This cinematic event is a lovely tribute to a towering cultural figure and features history-making performances and intimate interviews, including never-before-seen footage and cutting-edge Dolby Atmos technology. Exploring one of the most captivating and astonishing artists of the 20th century, the film strikes the perfect balance to please both opera-loving Pavarotti fans and those who are new to opera.

  Wed 22.01.20 15:00 (German) Ü50
The Good Liar - Das alte Böse
USA, 2019 | Length: 110min | FSK: 12 | Director: Bill Condon Cast: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, Jim Carter

Directed by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Bill Condon (»Gods and Monsters«, »Kinsey«, »The Greatest Showman«) and based on the acclaimed novel by Nicholas Searle, this exciting thriller follows career con artist and marriage swindler Roy Courtnay (McKellen; »The Lord of the Rings«), who can hardly believe his luck when he meets well-to-do widow Betty McLeish (Mirren; »R.E.D.«) online. As Betty opens her home and life to him, Roy is surprised to find himself caring about her, turning what should be a cut-and-dry swindle into the most treacherous tightrope walk of his life. A classic Hitchcock thriller, but with a shockingly modern twist, as well as fabulous and nuanced performances by legendary actors McKellen and Mirren as an exquisite match.

Der gealterte Trickbetrüger und Heiratsschwindler Roy (McKellen) lernt online die wohlhabende Witwe Betty (Mirren) kennen und plant einen letzten großen Schwindel. Als er sich völlig unerwartet jedoch zu ihr hingezogen fühlt, beginnt für Roy die Gratwanderung seines Lebens.

  Wed 08.01.20 15:00 (German) Ü50